When I ask business owners why they aren’t using Pinterest to grow their business the number one response I get is that they simply don’t know how Pinterest can help grow a business.  They don’t know how to go from pinning for fun to pinning for profits.

So I’m here to lay it out for you.  Read on to learn the three main ways that Pinterest can help you take your business to the next level.

#1: Pinterest will drive more traffic to your website

It’s a myth that Pinterest is a social media platform.  At it’s heart it’s a visual search engine.  That means that when pinners search for keyword phrases and your pins pop up they’ll be likely to repin and visit your website because your helpful piece of info, product, or service is just what they were looking for.

More traffic to your website means more people will learn about your business, check out what you have to offer, and hopefully make purchases.

#2: Pinterest will get more people on your e-mail list

Traffic is great but people don’t often make a purchase the first time they interact with a brand.  So you want to focus on getting people onto your email list.  Make sure that your website clearly shows people how to sign up for your email list and what they’ll get if they do.

Gone are the days of people signing up for an email list just because.  You have to give an incentive or a freebie.  Whether that be a download like a printable or checklist or a discount or free gift with purchase make sure that you’re giving your target audience something they’ll be excited about.

And once you get the pinner onto your email list you can continue to market to that person in the future.  Your email list is where the real money is made because you can keep providing value to that person and you can work to build a connection which will help result in sales.

#3: Pinterest will create brand recognition

Every time you create a tall pin make sure you’ve got your brand in mind.  Use your brand colors or your logo.  Add your website address at the bottom of the pin.  When you do this and people start to see your brand across various social media sites, your website, and search engines they’ll begin to recognize your brand and build a connection with your brand. This means they’ll be more likely to make a purchase.

If you don’t yet have consistency in your pins, try to develop a style that will help people quickly identify your brand when they see one of your pins.  I love using Canva.com when creating tall pins, especially the paid Canva for Work option.  I can save my brand colors inside Canva for easy access and I can upload any fonts that I typically use with my brand.  The free option works well too but the paid option makes it even easier to create pins that represent my brand.